Fixed Plate Adapters

Ultra Check’s Fixed Plate Adapter is the solution to the problem of tanks that do not have a fixed plate welded to the top of the gauge pole well where it passes through the roof and therefore will not normally accept emission control devices.

Ultra Check, Inc. will in this case design and custom build a Fixed Plate Adapter to suit your needs.  The Fixed Plate Adapter is split and can be placed around the gauge/guide pole and can be either flange mounted or clamped to the pole.


Flange Mounted Fixed Plate Adapter       Clamp Style Fixed Plate Adapter

The Fixed Plate Adapter can be installed on an operating tank, by two men, in less than one hour, and will allow the area to accept Ultra Check’s Standard Safe Sleeve.

There are three basic designs for the Fixed Plate Adapter; “no rollers”, “two rollers” and “four rollers”:

No Rollers: With this design the fixed plate adapter is held in position against the pole with angle iron brackets that are bolted to the fixed plate (below). This is the least desirable solution.

Two Rollers: For two rollers to be used, the following criteria must be met. For forty foot tall tanks the well through roof size must exceed the guide/gauge pole pipe size by three sizes. (Example; if you have an 8” guide/gauge pole, the well should be 14”.)  Pictured below is a Two Roller Fixed Plate Adapter with Ultra Check’s Safe Sleeve installed.

with Safe Sleeve installed

Four Rollers: This design is used on forty foot tanks, where the tank shell is vertically plumb, to keep the guide/gauge pole centered in the well, and when the well to guide/gauge pole clearance has only two pipe size difference. This is necessary to ensure that the guide/gauge pole does not come into contact with the well wall and interact with the Safe Sleeve Fabric.

However; if necessary, and if you have a unique designed Fixed Plate Adapter, a custom built Safe Sleeve can be provided as well (see below):

Custom 2 Pole Fixed Plate Adapter

**Note:  Cost quoted for the Fixed Plate Adapter does not include the Safe Sleeve unit