Some of our more popular products

Ultra Check’s founder has been in the petroleum maintenance industry for over 40 years.  Our company was established in 1993 in response to the increasing demands for emission control products for the above ground storage tank; specifically the gauge well area.  Since then Ultra Check has become the leader in petroleum and chemical storage tank emission controls for the gauge pole /guide pole area. Ultra Check’s innovative products have had their effectiveness proven by API and EPA testing. The company is well established and accepted in this field and has patents issued or pending on several of its products. These products are currently being utilized successfully throughout the industry providing years of maintenance free service.

At Ultra Check, we offer a variety of products for sealing the inside and the outside of the gauge pole.  Our “Safe Sleeves” offer the best solution for sealing the outside of the gauge pole and the gauge well. We offer these in a single pole, multi-pole, ladder-style, thermo-well, and custom arrangements to suit your needs.

We also offer a variety of floats that act as a seal for the inside of the gauge pole as well as provide a variety of other functions.   These are our “Vapor Check” (Float with Reel), “Tall Float”, and “Hollow Floats” (Displacer & Radar type for gauging).  Our Vapor Check and Tall Float both come with a Reel for ease of use (no messy chains).

Our “Drip Sink” is a drip pan or float basin that sits atop the gauge pole and is used to keep the area clean when the floats are pulled and sampling and gauging are taking place.

Our “Fixed Plate Adapters” are our solution to those problem areas on tanks that do not have a normal fixed plate and adapts your gauge pole area so that your Safe Sleeve installation can be made possible.

Ultra Check’s products are installed around the world and with every major oil company.  Some major oil companies use our products exclusively.

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