Standard Drip Sink (28” x 16” x 5”)

The “Drip Sink” helps keep the area clean when gauging takes place

Three versions available: Standard: 28” x 16” x 5” /Small: 16” x 16” x 6” /Pan-Style Hatch: 16” x 16” x 1.5”

Available in the Standard Aluminum with SS Hardware or in Stainless Steel

Available in Multiple Pipe Sizes & Compatible with our Vapor Check System & Tall Float; Pedestal Bracket Supplied

Gasketed Lid for our Vapor Check Cable to pass thru when used with Vapor Check Floats (see options)

Ring Bolt in Lid for a “Hang from Hatch Lid” Type Floats

Heavy Duty Locking Lid

Optional Wind Shields

Easy Installation/Takes the Place of Gauge Hatch/Bolts Directly to Flange with Supplied Mounting Hardware

Small Drip Sink (16” x 16” x 6”):

Small Drip Sink Version

*Small Drip Sink is desirable when the Standard Drip Sink is too Large

*Keeps Area Clean when Gauging Takes Place

*Available Multiple Sizes & Compatible with Vapor Check & Tall Float

*Gasketed Lid for our Cable to pass thru / Locking Lid/ Ring Bolt for “Hang from Hatch” Floats

*Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel

*Easy Installation/Takes Place of Gauge Hatch/Bolts Directly to Flange

Pan-Style Hatch (16” x 16” x 1.5”):

Pan-Stye (shown with no flange cut)

*All the same Options as the Drip Sink above, in a Pan-Style Hatch

*Desirable when a Sink is not feasible, or a Hatch is required

*Gasketed Slit for use with the Vapor Check Reel / Ring Bolt for “Hang from the Hatch” Floats

<<Download Drip Sink Info here>>

Use with our Optional Vapor Check or Tall Float System

Twin Seal Float Assembly with Reel & Powder Coated Pipe Bracket

Available in Common and Special-Order Sizes

Vapor Check Reel for Easy Launch & Retrieval

Standard PTFE Seals/Stainless Steel Cable (no messy chains)

Swivels 180 Degrees to Allow for Easy Access to Gauging

Float available in Standard Aluminum or in Stainless Steel

Easy Installation; Just Mounts to Pipe Bracket

Or supplied with a Ring Bolt to Support a Float that “Hangs from Hatch” Lid: