drip pan drip tray drip basin gauge pole float

Ultra Check’s Drip Sink is a Gauge Pole Float Basin that helps control the mess that occurs when floats are pulled, gauging takes place, and samples are taken. Product residue drips into the sink and drains back into the tank.  The Drip Sink is made of aluminum and is bolted to the gauge pole flange.

The sink lid has a gasket that seals the sink and gauge pole opening when the lid is closed. The lid also has a sealed slit that allows the float cable to pass through when the lid is closed. Inside the sink there is a drain shelf for the operator to set his tools and samples and to work from.  The latches, hinges, various fittings, nuts and bolts are stainless steel. The lid has a locking device to hold it open and in the open position the lid can help protect the operator from the wind.

drip pan drip tray drip basin gauge pole float sink

The sink comes standard (mounted to gauge pole flange on right side) in 6”, 8”, and 10” sizes.  The dimensions are 28″ x 16″ x 5″ deep.  Sinks for larger sized gauge poles can be custom built. We also can custom build left hand sinks (sinks mounted on left side) and Close Quarters Drip Sinks designed to fit in areas where standard sinks would be too large.  The Close Quarters Sinks are 16″ square and 6″ deep and utilizes the same hardware as the standard sinks and has a folding work tray that can hold gauging tools, etc.  The sink can also be swivel mounted and have side wind shields.

Close Quarters Drip Sink shown open and tray up and closed with tray down


Drip pan gauge pole sink

Drip Sink shown with Wind Shields

Drip Sink with Gauge Pole Float (Vapor Check)

Attached/Bolted to the front of the sink is the optional “Vapor Check Reel”. When the float is removed for gauging or sampling, the reel has a swivel base that allows the float to clear the pole opening.


Drip Sink shown with Optional Vapor Check Float