Vapor Check Tall Float

Ultra Check’s Tall Float for the gauge pole consists of a Float (canister), Reel, Stainless Steel Guide Cable, Guide Cable Weight, Triple Seal Assembly, Single Seal and the Axle.

tall float gauge pole float plug

Vapor Check “Tall Float”

There are two conditions when a “Tall Float” is needed:

1.  When it is desirable to raise the seals to the slide/fixed plate level and other control devices cannot be used.

2.  When the well is sized incorrectly to the pole size. The well size should be at least 3 pipe sizes larger than the pole’s pipe size. For example; the proper well size for an 8” guide pole should be a minimum of 14”.

The Tall Float Canister is made of aluminum and it has a hollow tube passing through its length. The axle passes through the hollow tube and the axle length is adjusted to place the triple seal assembly in the correct position. In this position one of the three seals is always within one inch of the sliding plate level regardless of normal changes in liquid density. This adjustment is easily done in the field.

The Axle is aluminum tubing with the Triple Seal Assembly attached on top and the Stainless Steel Guide Cable passing through with the weight on the bottom.

The reel with its stainless steel guide cable is used to remove the float from the gauge pole and to lower the float into gauge pole. The guide cable passes down through the tube in the center of the float with the weight attached on the end of the cable. The weight is lowered to three foot above the bottom of the tank and remains there while the float is able to slide freely up and down as the liquid level changes. The weighted cable maintains the float vertical and centered in the gauge pole and that helps to limit seal wear. By cranking the reel, the weight is pulled up against the float bottom allowing the float to be raised. The float is also lowered to the liquid level with the reel. The reel has a swivel base that allows the float (in raised position) to be moved out of the way of the pole for gauging and sampling.

The weight must be kept about three feet off of the tank bottom (inside the gauge pole) to ensure the weight and float is not affected by the swirling action when cargo is being loaded. This height is also desirable when floating roof tanks are on their low legs as this keeps the float seals near the same level as the seal around the gauge pole. This height can be determined by using the reels built-in depth counter.

There are two methods used to attach the Tall Float to the gauge pole and due to its height, both requires an extension for its mounting.

1) Attached to Ultra Check’s Drip Sink (Optional) using aN Extension so the Tall Float can be pulled from the well and swivel out of the way to allow for gauging.

2)  With Ultra Check’s powder coated mounting bracket and 18″ base extension is required.