Single Pole Safe Sleeve

Low Profile Single Pole Gauge Well Seals.


  • Low Profile External Gauge Pole Seal that comes with either our Standard Aluminum or Stainless Steel Slide Plate.
  • The Skirt can be a choice of our Standard PTFE, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel.
  • A choice of a Viton or Buna-N Well Gasket.
  • A PTFE Pole Wiper is included.
  • Our unique Zero-Gap Pole Wiper moves with, and always maintains contact with, the Gauge Pole.
  • Provides a significant vapor loss reduction alone, and when combined with our Vapor Check Float, the loss reduction is near 100%.
  • Custom Multi-Pole configurations are available, including Ladder Negotiator Sleeves and Thermo-Well Sleeves.
  • Can be modified to suit any tank design (example: larger plates and/or custom sized skirts).
  • Easy installation; can be installed on In-Service Tanks and no hot work is required.
  • Provides years of service with very low maintenance and can be installed on any type of floating roof.
  • Standard sizes are kept in stock.
  • Custom items are made to order.
Safe Sleeve shown with PTFE Skirt
Safe Sleeve shown with Aluminum Skirt