Vapor Check System

Vapor Check Float that comes with a Reel, Cable and Weight, and Pipe Bracket for easy launch and retrieval.


  • Twin Seal Float Assembly with a Reel and a Bracket.
  • Available in our standard and custom sizes.
  • Military version is also available with our 1/8” Stainless Steel Cable.
  • Vapor Check Reel for easy launch and retrieval.
  • Available without the Reel and hangs from the hatch.
  • Includes a Stainless Steel Cable with no messy chains.
  • Swivels 180 degrees for easy access for gauging.
  • Standard PTFE Seals.
  • Float available in our Standard Aluminum or Stainless Steel.
  • Easy Installation; just mount it to the pipe bracket.
  • Combine with our Safe Sleeve for a complete sealing system.
Vapor Check Float with Reel
Vapor Check Float Shown with Optional Drip Sink

Two methods are used to attach the Vapor Check System to the gauge pole:

Diagram A It can be bolted to Ultra Check’s Drip Sink; the Drip Sink unit helps control the mess when floats are pulled, samples are taken, or gauging takes place.

Diagram B The System can also be bolted directly to the gauge pole using Ultra Check’s powder-coated mounting bracket.

Diagram of Vapor Check System

Vapor Check Schematic

Schematic of Vapor Check System