Vapor Check Systems

Our Vapor Check Systems, or Internal Gauge Pole Seals, are the solution for sealing the inside of gauge poles. We offer these as Standard Floats, with or without a reel, Radar Types, and Hollow Types. We can also make custom built Floats to suit your needs.

Vapor Check System

Vapor Check Float that comes with a Reel, Cable and Weight, and Pipe Bracket for easy launch and retrieval.

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Vapor Check Float

Vapor Check Gauge Pole Float/Plug with a Cable and Weight that hangs from your hatch on a ring bolt.

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Tall Float

Tall Float with adjustable seals that allows the Float to ride at the Fixed Plate Level that comes with or without a Reel.

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Standard Radar Float Type-2

Vapor Check Float for use with Radar Systems.

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Hollow Float System

Radar/ATG Systems with a hollow design that you can gauge through.

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