Ultra Check’s founder was highly praised in the petroleum maintenance industry for over 50 years. In 1993, in response to the increasing demands for emission control solutions, he designed and patented our unique Safe Sleeve, a gauge well seal with a unique zero-gap pole wiper that moves with the tank and always maintains contact with the gauge pole, to produce a complete seal.

Simultaneously, we also designed and patented our Vapor Check System with a reel, an ingenious float system that stays centered in the gauge pole and maintains a seal, while also using a cable and reel system that eliminates the need for messy chains. We have since extended our product lines to other sleeves, floats, and more for a variety of uses.


Ultra Check has become a leader in petroleum and chemical storage tank emission controls. Today, fabricating our seals and floats is all we do! We are dedicated to efficient and reliable customer service. We strive to produce top-quality American-made products.

We specialize in fabricating custom-designed seals of many different sizes and orientations. Ultra Check’s innovative products have had their effectiveness proven by the American Petroleum Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency’s testing, and we are well established and accepted in this field. Our products are currently being utilized successfully throughout the industry and the world, providing years of maintenance-free service.