Vapor Check Float System




*Twin Seal Float Assembly with Reel & Bracket

*Available in Standard and Special-Order Sizes

*Vapor Check Reel for Easy Launch & Retrieval

*Stainless Steel Cable/No Messy Chains!

*Swivels 180 degrees for Easy Access to Gauging

*Standard PTFE Seals

*Float available in Standard Aluminum or Stainless Steel

*Easy Installation; Just Mounts to Pipe Bracket (also available as a “Hang from the Hatch” Float)

Compatible with Drip Sink/Mounts to Sink Basin

*Also available special design for Military applications

*Combine with our Safe Sleeve for a Complete Sealing System


<<Download Info on our Vapor Check System here>>


Two methods are used to attach the Vapor Check System to the gauge pole:

Diagram A) It can be bolted to Ultra Check’s Drip Sink (optional); the Drip Sink unit helps control the mess when floats are pulled, samples are taken or when gauging takes place (see below)

Diagram B) The System also can be bolted directly to the gauge pole using Ultra Check’s powder-coated mounting bracket.


<<Download Info on our Vapor Check System here>>

Vapor Check shown with Optional Drip Sink

                                                                     Standard Drip Sink

The “Drip Sink” helps keep area clean when gauging takes place; Three versions available

Standard: 28” x 16” x 5” /Small: 16” x 16” x 6” /Pan-Style Hatch: 16” x 16” x 1.5”

Available Multiple Pipe Sizes & Compatible with Vapor Check & Tall Float; Pedestal Bracket Supplied

Gasketed Lid for our Cable to pass thru with Locking Lid /Optional Wind Shields

Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Ring Bolt in Lid for “Hang from the Hatch” Type Floats & Gauge Tab

Easy Installation/Takes Place of Gauge Hatch/Bolts Directly to Flange with Supplied Mounting Hardware