Ultra Check’s founder was in the petroleum maintenance industry for over 50 years. In 1993, in response to the increasing demands for emission control products, we patented and designed a unique gauge well seal (our Safe Sleeve) and a unique float system (our Vapor Check System with Reel).

Since then Ultra Check has become a leader in petroleum and chemical storage tank emission controls for the gauge pole / guide pole area. Ultra Check’s innovative products have had their effectiveness proven by API and EPA testing. The company is well established and accepted in this field.  These products are currently being utilized successfully throughout the industry providing years of maintenance-free service.

Fabricating our seals & floats is all we do.  We are dedicated to customer service that is quick and efficient while also producing top quality products, which are 100% made in America.  We keep many of our items in stock and we can also usually fabricate custom-designed seals in less than a week, depending on demand and size of order.